5 Clever ways newlyweds can save money with their new home

Given how expensive getting married and buying a house can get, it’s understandable why many newlyweds end up penny-pinching by the time they get to furnish their new marital home.

But, did you know, you can still furnish your new home just the way you love it, without needing to break a bank? Here are 5 clever ways you can save money as you furnish your new home!


#1  Avoid pricey renovation works

Contrary to popular belief, renovating a home need not cost a bomb, especially if you know what are the pricey reno works that can be avoided or substituted with cheaper options. Here are some of the reno hacks to help you save:

Avoid hacking of walls and flooring

Hacking works are expensive because not only are you paying for labour to hack off the wall / floor, but you are also paying for the extra labour to touch up its surrounding area. And if it requires relaying of floor tiles or rebuilding of a new wall, then be prepared to fork out even more for your renovation.  So, unless you really deem it necessary, avoid hacking works in your home reno project.

Substitute carpentry works with off-the-shelf products

Carpentry works, like built-in wardrobes and TV consoles, can get costly because it requires customization, and installation costs. And because they are built-in, they are also harder to replace, especially when the carpentry has already grown out of fashion or is out of shape. A better substitute would be those off-the-shelf products that you can buy from any furniture shops. They are cheaper, flexible, and most importantly, easier to set up and remove.

Interior Designer: Phuoc Cong Truong

Don’t overspend on expensive materials UNNECESSARILY

Different materials can make a significant difference in your overall renovation bill. To avoid paying more for something you don’t really need, it’s always good to have a little understanding of the materials that your renovator is recommending to you. 

#2  Buy good quality furniture that last

Besides saving on your home renovation, did you know you can also save on your home furniture?

The key to this is to go for long term gains, instead of short term wins. Buying cheap furniture that is of lousier quality may seem like a good deal now, but will also mean you will end up having to keep replacing it real fast. So, a better bet is to go for quality furniture that last, especially if it is meant to withstand heavy usage. Some of the furniture you shouldn’t be saving on are:

  • Sofa & mattresses
    They need to be of good quality to be able to withstand the heavy seating and sleeping traffic.
  • Kitchen and bathroom counter tops and cabinets
    With all the constant exposure to heat and water, you’ll need a water-resistant materials for your cabinets and counter tops
Interior Designer: Nguyen Thi Thu Huong

#3  Just rent what you don’t need often

As you set up for your new marital home, there will also likely be many instances where you will need something extra that’s not already in your home. Perhaps you’ll need extra tables and chairs for your housewarming party. Or perhaps, you’ll need a drill, just to pin up your favorite wall art. Since we don’t need these items often, save money by renting, rather than buying them. You can either check with your friendly neighbours if you could borrow theirs or check online platforms for adhoc rentals.

#4  Shop for furnishings at the right time and place

And of course, it also pays to be a smart spender who knows where and when to buy quality products at discounted prices.

If you’re not in a rush to get the stuff for your home, you can always wait for the yearly seasonal sales. For local buys, there’s the Great Singapore Sale (June to Aug) and the year-end sales to look out for. Otherwise, for online buys, you can keep a look out for huge bargains on Singles’ Day (11 Nov) and Black Friday (24-25 Nov for this year).

If you can’t wait, you can consider shopping for them online for a more varied option. Here’s how you can buy quality furniture online.


#5  Buy what saves you money in the long run

In the case where you really need to get something for your new home, then buy what saves you money in the long run. Take for instance, electrical appliances. While there are plenty of electrical appliances out there in the market with a plethora of awesome functions, not all of them will do you good in the long run. Some factors you can consider to help you save are:

  • Do you really need it now?
    Some of the electrical appliances can be expensive. So, unless you really see a need for it now, avoid buying it until you need them, or buy one with just the right (sufficient) capacity.
  • Can you claim cash backs or discounts from your purchases?
    Many retailers and banks offer cash backs, loyalty rewards, and discounts when you buy with them. So, keep a look out to earn back from your spending!
  • Is it energy efficient?
    Energy-inefficient electrical appliances are the culprits behind hefty electricity bills. So, to cut your electricity bills in the long run, look out for the energy efficiency ratings of the appliances!

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