Make your living room designer-ish with the right coffee table

When it comes to decorating your living room, the coffee table is almost a must. It forms the centerpiece of your living room set up, and can easily make or break the design of the entire space. So, here’s how to design your coffee table, like a pro!

Designer: Maryna Vaseiko

Step 1: Choose the right coffee table

With easy access to furniture shops both online and offline, it isn’t hard finding a coffee table design that you like. What’s hard is choosing the right one that fits your living room set up. Here are the basics you can consider when doing so:

Material and colour

To start it off, first select the material (e.g. wood vs metal vs glass) and colour (e.g. light wood vs deep wood colours) of the coffee table. You can do this, by considering the overall theme of your home design.

Designer: Dasha Osadcha

For instance, if you have selected the popular Scandinavian theme for your home design, you would probably want to go for a wooden coffee table with a light / neutral colour tone. Or, if your home is going for a Scandi-dustrial theme, you could play around with coffee tables that come with wooden top and black metal legs.

Also, if you are intending to add on a carpet below the coffee table, do ensure its colour complements that of the coffee table. For instance, a Scandinavian-themed home with a white coffee table will well with a carpet of a deeper tone, say dark grey or even black, to bring out the contrast in the two ends of the colour spectrum. In any case, should you feel lost about how you should mix and match, you can always check online for some design inspirations on how other homes are styling up their coffee tables!

Size of the coffee table

There’s really no hard and fast rule in selecting the coffee table of the right size. But two things are for sure.

Designer: Maryna Vaseiko

One, you need to ensure the coffee table is wide enough. It should be big enough that you have enough space to place what you need on the coffee table, but small enough to still give you ample walking space around it.

Two, you need to ensure the coffee table is tall enough. Too short a height means having to bend your back down everytime you need something from the coffee table. Too tall a height makes the overall space composition looks mismatched.

Although there is no hard and fast rule to selecting the right height for it, some designers do advise setting your coffee table as high as the top of the sofa seat and as wide as two-thirds the length of your sofa.

Step 2: Style up your coffee table with accessories

In almost all beautifully designed homes, the coffee table is seldom left bare on its own. The most common way of styling it up is with the use of books / magazines and a flower vase.

Designer: Mahinaz Soliman

But these days, many homes are taking a step away from the norm, and creating their very own unique style. You can also achieve a uniquely stylish look for your coffee table by accessorizing it with decorative trays, sculptures, or even your very own collection of toys.

Designer: Mahinaz Soliman

But remember, never overdo your table top decor. To give the space a clean look, you could apply a 30-70 rule: 30% of the space is occupied by decorations, and 70% of the space is kept clean.

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