How do you design a home without causing a reno-saster?

Most of us aren’t born with an awesome design sense (well, me neither). But come on, home design is not rocket science. Surely, it shouldn’t be so hard to design your own space right? Or so I thought, until I tried designing my bedroom (and, mind you, it was just ONE bedroom).

The funny thing is we all start off wanting to make it our perfect home. But when you really begin to design, you’ve  gotta come to terms with a blank mind that has absolutely no idea where to begin. So, how do you download all the design sense and design a home without causing a reno-saster?

Step 1: Consider your end usage first

Alright, first things first. Designing is NOT all about just the designs. Contradictory, yes. But too many homeowners I know of have been so carried away designing their dream homes that they forget to consider if the home design could even fit what they have and their lifestyle. Just last week, I had a professor friend who had tons of books he wanted to keep with just a mini book shelf to store them in. In the end, he had to buy a separate book shelf. Was the design worth it? Hell, no!  So, think of your daily lifestyle, and how will you be using the space.

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Interior Design: Voila Design

Step 2: Consider how you want to occupy the floor space

Next, plan how you want to occupy the floor space e.g. where you want to place your sofa, TV, couch, bed. Your home is where you’ll be spending most of your resting time. So, design for a place you want to rest in but don’t over design it too. Give yourself space to walk around (or even dance) freely, while still maintaining the cosy-ness of the place. Another way of thinking is, for instance, when you’re watching TV, what would you most likely need? If that is beer, then place your TV near your beer bar. Sounds simple enough?

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Interior Designer: De Style Interior

Step 3: Think of a design style for your home

Alright! Here’s the most important step, because the home design you choose now will affect your furniture, walls, ceilings, table tops and almost everything else. Make full use of what you’ve prepared in Step 1 &2. If you are a party-goer, then go for chic style which comes with brighter colours to hype up the mood even at home. Or, if you need all kinds of furniture surrounding you, go with Scandinavian style that makes use of white or muted colours to make your space look bigger. Now, here’s the cheat sheet: if you need help choosing the style, you can check out the various design styles in our style guide.

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Interior Designer: Distinct Identity

Step 4: Choose the furniture

This step should be a lot easier since you already have a theme and you know how you want to occupy the space with your beds, sofa, TV consoles, shelves etc. Probably what’s most important now is the texture and material (since you would’ve more or less fixed the colour according to your design style). You wouldn’t want too much texture for your home furnishings because that will make your home feel heavy. Similarly, you’d want materials that are functional and durable.

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Interior Design: Rezt n Relax Interior Design

Step 5: Choose the accessories for the wall & ceiling

Finally, it’s time for your walls and ceilings! Most people tend to treat them as just decorative spaces, when in actual fact, they could do way more. For instance, if you feel your home might be cramp, put mirrors all over (Just make sure you don’t get scared of the mirrors at night (like I do)). If you want to make the room seem brighter, choose white walls. If that’s too plain, touch it up with cool art pieces. If you want a luxury touch to your space, pair that with chandeliers for your ceiling lights. There! You can now be a designer yourself.

Nestr, Interior Design, Home Design, Renovation Guide
Interior design: United Team Lifestyle

If you notice, we started off with considering what’s functionally needed first before we talked about the aesthetics. Always remember this rule of thumb, your home is where you’re resting and relaxing. Don’t create a beautiful space that won’t allow you to fully wind down.

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